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Phemex, the fastest cryptocurrency exchange, is calling global crypto traders for another contest – The Phemex Trader’s Arena. 

Here’s how Phemex is combining eSports-like team tournaments with high-speed cryptocurrency trading for an exciting and unprecedented trading challenge with up to $2 million in prizes.

The Phemex Trader’s Arena: What You Need To Know 

Phemex is home to some of the world’s best traders who seek unrivaled cryptocurrency trading speeds. Folks demanding such high levels of trading accuracy are always the competitive type. 

These top traders can now join forces with others to form a team of trading legends and win a portion of a $2 million prize pool. The more the participants that enlist in the competition, the larger the size of the prize pool will be.

Team leader and member registrations begin on March 10. This will officially kick off the Trader’s Arena challenge, with the competition starting on March 24. Team captains stand to earn themselves an added $100 USD, 40% of the winning team’s prize, 50% max share of trading commissions, and as much as 1 million unique visitors in traffic exposure. Regular team players still get a $10 USD bonus for the first 2000 registered users and limited edition Phemex merchandise.

How To Enter The Phemex Trader’s Arena For Up To $2M In Prizes

Each participant’s trading account must have 0.005 BTC net value in their trading accounts at the time of registration. To form a team, ten members must join or risk being randomly assigned to uneven teams that don’t meet this minimum criterion. 

Any trader worthy of legendary status and able to lead as a captain can earn up to $375,000. During The Phemex Trader’s Arena, the team with the greatest ROI and the individual with the best net PnL will be crowned winners. API trading is prohibited, and some actions can result in immediate disqualification.

The Phemex Trader’s Arena doesn’t allow batch account registrations, sub-accounts, profits from market manipulation, or suspect transactions between team members. 

The trading challenge concludes on April 7, with prizes to be distributed starting April 13. The first-placed team stands to win 25% of the entire max of the $2 million prize pool, and the first-place individual will earn as much as 8% of the pool.

To learn more about the official rules or prizing, register here for The Phemex Trader’s Arena today.


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