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Although decentralized finance has taken the cryptocurrency markets by storm in recent months, DeFi protocols can still be hard for the casual investor to understand. An often dangerous mix of complex concepts and never-before-seen levels of return on investment can attract many everyday investors into risky positions that ultimately result in them losing their hard-earned money.

With complicated user interfaces and opaque business models creating barriers for entry for investors, decentralized finance protocols will only truly break into the mass market when they are easier to understand and require less in-depth technical expertise to deploy capital on. DAOventures looks to provide the spark for DeFi’s Cambrian growth explosion, with an intuitive and comprehensive suite of DeFi products that include an easy to use dashboard and a set of automated investment tools.

Crypto 3.0

Groundbreaking DeFi protocols that have shaken up the finance space have emerged in recent times to offer the world completely new and permissionless automated lending & borrowing services. This is all well and good, but the existing solutions are clunky to use and cater for those already within the cryptocurrency space – DAOventures products are designed for use by both those new to investing completely and those from a traditional investing background, with ease of use and security at the forefront of their design.

With yield farming portfolios easily accessible within a friendly dashboard, users of the DAOventures platform browse strategies and decide on which is best for their needs based on historical returns and risk/reward ratios. With everything in one place, there is no need to constantly monitor the performance of several different strategies at once; the user also saves on gas fees normally accrued after the various permissions transactions that need to take place across protocols in order to farm multiple tokens at once separately.

Investing like a pro

With the most profitable opportunities usually most accessible to those with knowledge of smart contracts, many chances to receive the best returns are exclusive to the “og’s” of the still-nascent DeFi space. DAOventures’ automated DeFi manager gives users the ability to benefit from the best liquidity pools, yield farms, and flash loans on the market by means of their robo-advisor, a product that allocates pooled crypto funds based on Ethereum’s smart-contracts and automatically invests them into the best performing DeFi protocols to generate a return for liquidity providers. 

With access to yield farming aggregation and a variety of structured DeFi products at the touch of a button, the tools DAOventures provides offer everyday investors the same chances to take part in decentralized borrowing and lending protocols that those who have watched the space explode since day 1 have taken advantage of.

Transparent & non-custodial

Recent events saw Robinhood, one of the world’s leading mobile trading apps, halt the ability to sell Gamestop shares and in some cases, sell shares without user approval. This led to a massive uprising against the company and was a strong reminder that DeFi solves these kinds of issues by giving users full control over their funds at all times.  

DAOventures’ non-custodial approach to fund management is a sigh of relief, and with user funds staying in their own wallets at all times, counterparty risk is reduced greatly. The DAOventures team themselves are experienced professionals hailing from a myriad of backgrounds including traditional finance, fintech, blockchain, and software architecture and, having had various third-party security and smart contract audits as well as pen-tests, users can rest assured that their funds are safest all times.

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