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So, bitcoin set a new all-time high, and Sony’s PS5 is finally out and has become the most asked for a gift this Christmas year.

And therefore, in an effort to bring some early holiday cheer to the world, StormGain has revealed its latest promotion, which includes the chance to make all of your Christmas and New Year wishes come true.  

Bitcoin Price Breaks Record In 2020, Targets $50K Or More In 2021 

In a sensational rally this year, bitcoin price rose from $4,000 to nearly $20,000 in under 12 months in 2020. Investors who were able to buy the cryptocurrency at low prices are celebrating this season.

But those who got in later will now have to buy BTC at prices near $20,000. If analysts and their targets for the future of the first-ever cryptocurrency are correct, then each BTC could be worth anywhere between $50,000 and $400,000 within a year or more.

At prices that high, few will be able to afford a whole BTC. That’s why StormGain’s latest raffle prizing is by far the most exciting yet and could make someone merry for a long time to come. But more on the 1 BTC prize in a moment.

StormGain Raffle Includes 1 Full BTC, PS5, MacBook Pro

Bitcoin is seeing the most demand it has in years, and the supply of PS5 is just so low, that the substantial demand simply cannot be satisfied for some time. But both items are only two of three prizes offered by StormGain and can be won simply by trading on the platform between December 7 and February 1.

Because StormGain has had such success this year thanks to its low commissions and loyalty bonuses for its most active traders, the company sought to celebrate the coming new year and start it off on a much more exciting foot for its users in 2021.

Those who trade between the key dates are automatically eligible for the promotion and can win any of the following prizes:

  • 1 BTC
  • MacBook Pro
  • Sony PlayStation 5

Aside from the three main prizes, the top 100 winners will also receive money and bonuses from a $70,000 prizing pool. Users are awarded one ticket to the raffle for every $500 net deposit made to the StormGain platform. 

This means that with just $500, you could get a free full BTC, potentially worth hundreds of thousands someday. At only $500 per deposit, it’s also roughly the cost of the PS5 and has a higher probability of getting one versus facing the eBay scalper bots that control the supply now.

For the VIP raffle, the minimum entry starts with a deposit of $2500 (or 5 tickets as compared to the 1 mentioned above). 

To learn more about the promotion and if you are interested in getting a chance to win a full BTC or a PS5, visit StormGain’s site for more details.

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