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This post was most recently updated on October 1st, 2020

Martin Lewis, the United Kingdom-born financial mogul and entrepreneur has been on the money scene for over two decades. With a background in television and journalism, Lewis is most well known for his website, which offers individuals insight, information, tips and tricks into the world of economics and monetary use. His financial method of spending and saving money has become famous and his advice has proven its worth in helping countless people save money.

Before moving to journalism (broadcast, specifically, Lewis studied government and law at the London School of Economics. His first job took him into the world of radio broadcasting, as he produced for BBC Radio Five Live. Following his presenting days, he made his way to television where he started to offer his take on finance and money-saving.

What is Martin Lewis’ website called?

Lewis’ main claim to fame is his website, Money Saving Expert. The website is a hub for British consumer finance information with a platform for discussions. Lewis founded the website in February 2003.

Martin Lewis’ net value: What is the entrepreneur worth?

Lewis stands as one of the world’s richest journalists, boasting a net worth of over GBP128 million (nearly $165 million) according to the Sunday Times 2020 Rich List. He first purchased the Money Saving Expert website for less than $130 and sold it not even a decade later for a whopping GBP87 million (over $111 million).

This mass amount of cash makes the figures in his bank account a prime opportunity for investment. Along with his decades’ worth of experience in the money industry armed with budget-saving knowledge, Martin Lewis is set for exponential financial gains. This potential has led to rumours about whether he is invested in Bitcoin. To debunk or confirm these rumours, we investigated the entrepreneur’s likelihood of investing in the cryptocurrency industry.

Has Martin Lewis really invested in Bitcoin?

With a pocket full of potential for investment, Lewis does not appear to have opted for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or any cryptocurrencies. Despite reports, Martin has not only not invested in Bitcoin, but he has expressed on social media platform Twitter that any rumours to say that he has are false. The rumours circulating can be considered fake news and should not be taken with any credence.

According to investigation and his own statements, Lewis has not invested in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

Why do people believe Martin Lewis has bought Bitcoin?

One of the techniques affiliate marketers tend to take is to twist the truth, or to spread fake news about a celebrity in order to appear credible and have the air of endorsement. Lewis has indicated that he thinks that these are scammers used to gain trust from vulnerable users in order to generate interest and earn traffic. As celebrities have a status of trust, marketers often use their names or values to sell products, even though the sale’s pitch might not have any backing or truth to it.

Should users invest in Bitcoin?

Despite the rumours linked to Martin Lewis and Bitcoin, the asset should not be blamed or associated with any bad reputation. The cryptocurrency market, trajected by the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, has gained a great deal of attention and vested interested from investors, traders, and financial moguls across industries. As a potential platform for the future of cash and money, Bitcoin has become a hot topic in finance with millions of individuals invested in the blockchain-based currency

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, Bitcoin is a great asset to consider, especially if you are looking to hedge against the dollar or any falling fiat currency. Bitcoin, gold, and other safe-haven assets have become popular recently following struggles linked to the global pandemic. This is because the assets tend to increase as the dollar decreases, meaning it is a safer investment than stocks or shares.

If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin, ensure that you are aware of the volatility of the market, as well as possible schemes and scams that platforms might be. Once ready to take the dive into Bitcoin investment, make sure you research thoroughly to find a secure wallet, exchange and do an investigation into the best way to make money from Bitcoin.

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