Moeda Loyalty Point Short-term Signal [MDABTC](60%+)

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Moeda Loyalty Point Short-term Signal [MDABTC](60%+)

Here we have a short-term signal for MDABTC.

Moeda Loyalty Points | MDABTC

ENTRY: 0.00004800 – 0.00005200

TP1: 0.00005555
TP2: 0.00006200
TP3: 0.00006900
TP4: 0.00007300
TP5: 0.00008500

STOP: Close daily (D) candle below 0.00004200.

Remember to diversify.
Only use funds that you can afford to lose.
Make sure to do your own research before trading.
This is not financial advice.

Wishing you a great weekend.

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