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Cryptocurrency is covering all frontiers in the financial market. No aspect of the market is spared. This is seen clearly in the recent incursion of, a novel online betting and gambling platform which was created using Blockchain technology.

The gambling platform is set to provide “high quality services and numerous licensed games”.  The betting platform allows users to place bets on mobile devices as well as stationary computer systems.

 The fact that was built on blockchain profoundly boosts its operations. The platform boasts of its transparent transactions, automatically updated odds, personal privacy, and a unique token that also can be used for betting.

While the initial launch of the site has been well received, the management is not pausing in it’s rollout. It is apparent they intend to “keep up to date and turn it into the leading 2.0 online betting and gambling platform”.

Blockchain technology has been exerting heavy influence across the spectrum of industries in the world today. Any attempt to identify all the impacts in advance is almost impossible.

The gambling industry has been an enthusiastic adopter of blockchain from the early days and many organisations have decided to incorporate blockchain technology into its operations.

So far that decision has proved to be quite astute because blockchain-based gambling platforms provide complete transparency and privacy for their clients. Blockchain casinos have been a solution for modern gamblers who value personal data or hate fraud and unreasonable regulations.

Bitbook is not alone in its adoption of blockchain tech; it has peers and competitors in the likes of other online casinos and sportsbooks such as Bitstarz, and Fortune Jack which were also built as modern decentralized networks.

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