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The Health Industry is on the verge of being revolutionized by the cryptocurrency wave. The 21st century brought with it incredible technological advancements, and with that came massive changes in lifestyle. These factors combined ensured the rise of new medical conditions and challenges.

As was expected, this turn of events created massive strain on health industries across the globe. It has been projected by health experts that the number of people over 65 afflicted with at least four medical conditions will have risen by a full 100% in the next 20 years.

However, the incursion of cryptocurrency into the health sector has proved to be a fortuitous turn of events.

So far, blockchain technology has been incredibly helpful to the health industry, and it still holds magnificent promise for the future of healthcare. 

Though it would not solve all the problems, and that is quite understandable, it could help the industry handle its growing workload and data concerns for the foreseeable future.

Blockchain technology could give patients greater assurance that their personal info is being protected, by simply increasing the security and transparency of medical data. This in turn could increase trust in medical institutions and make people feel more at ease about putting their lives in the hands of health professionals.

Despite all the apparent advantages the application of blockchain technology would have on the health industry, it is not without its challenges. Blockchain developers would still need to overcome certain pressing technical challenges that still hinder the full application of the technology. Also, from the legal angle, there still exists the debacle of proper legislation for the new technology.

These issues are restricting the technology from reaching its full potential at the present time. However, once they are resolved, it is quite certain that it would create radical changes in the health industry.

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