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Gdansk, Poland - 17 September 2018: Christmas decoration - golden baubles, poinsettia, fir branches with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum physical coins on natural wooden background. Cryptocurrency celebration abstract concept.

Ho! Ho! HODL! The Central bank of the United Kingdom took a survey on December 17 this year. Its aim was to determine the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens as Christmas gifts. The results were stunning. An Incredible 70% of the respondents indicated their willingness to accept digital currencies as Yuletide gifts, as opposed to traditional presents. Fiat currency came in at second place with a dismal 21% voting it as a preferred gift item for the Christmas season.

BoE Survey

The results were quite shocking to the Bank. This is due in part to the apparent apathy displayed by the larger part of the population in the recent past. However, a similar survey was carried out on the 15th of November, in the same year, in the United States, by Congressman Ron Paul. He sought to know how many Americans would prefer to use Bitcoin as a medium for storing financial value. The results were just as shocking, though the margins in the U.S were lower, as only a Measly 50% of respondents preferred Bitcoin as a means of storing value. This is a clear indication that the popularity of Digital tokens and Cryptocurrencies is growing. In a short while we might see a massive shift in the world’s financial systems. Are we prepared?

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