Blockchain Coding and the Job Market

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The job market is evolving rapidly. This can be seen in the large demand for job roles requiring strong ICT skills. Even in the world of ICT, especially in the area of software development, there has been a significant shift in the skills that attracts the most demand.  

LinkedIn released a report in early January of this year that stated that the role of Blockchain Developer is the fastest growing segment in the emerging jobs category in the United States.  The company utilized data gleaned from its Economic Graph to analyze relevant positions that companies are hiring for, as well as skills required for those positions, and novel roles that have emerged in the industry from five years ago. It was discovered that the role of Blockchain developer has featured prominently in the last twelve months. The list of major skills required for the job include: Solidity, Node.js, Blockchain, and Ethereum.Other Job roles which are at the top of the emerging job list include: Artificial Intelligence Specialist (AI Specialist) and Deep Machine Learning. The major skill requirement for this job includes Apache Spark, Deep Learning, Apache Spark, and Natural Language learning.

The growth in the demand for these skills has been astounding, to say the least. It was reported that as of 2016 only 645 vacancies existed for Jobs that required expertise in Blockchain development on LinkedIn. The number exploded to 1,800 in May this year, as of December, the time of writing this article the number had reached a phenomenal 13,816. It was reported by Glassdoor, the American job review site, that as high as 79% of the vacancies are concentrated in the 15 largest cities in America. Though the process has been slow, the world seems to be shifting its systems to adopt the Blockchain Technology. The astronomical rise in demand for Blockchain Developers is evidence of this. If the numbers are anything to go by, the world of Software Development might soon experience a seismic shift. Decentralised Applications might supersede the regular applications in demand and utilization across the globe.

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