Tezos Korea Foundation Signs an MOU with Yonsei University to promote Blockchain

According to a statement released by Tezos, a foundation in Korea, it was stated that the South Korean branch of the Foundation has signed a memorandum with Yonsie University for the development of unique skills and expertise in blockchain technology. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is aimed at promoting the blockchain technology and also develop the industrial sector in Korea.
The main aim of the agreement is to build blockchain education cooperation, smart contract experts, training of QCami, exchange of academic data and research results. The statement further explained that through this business agreement, both parties would strengthen education and also the blockchain technology. Furthermore, they will be both open to discuss other opportunities that are available in the blockchain sector.
Earlier in the year, the Tezos Foundation announced a call for grant proposals and this opened the door for them to help four separate organizations for the development of blockchain. Last month in October, three other grantees namely Ackee, Papers, an active developer, Luiz Milfont was given funds to begin the development of different tools and apps. Milfont was selected for the grant because of his immense contributions in the blockchain industry, he is based in Brazil and has been doing tremendous work to develop the technology. He was the one that built the Tezosj SDK library that enabled Android users to create apps that would sync well with the Tezos blockchain. And it is also believed that he would build more libraries that will ensure the effortless use of Tezos as a tool for software development.
Ackee, will help to create a Tezos development kit for the iOS platform that way iPhone users will not be left out of the blockchain move. And Papers is a crypto wallet and the grant would be used to build an open source library that would be make available for use as a development toolkit.
The Tezos foundation have been investing immensely in the blockchain technology, pumping in millions of dollars into grants that will help to develop the technology and bring about more possibilities and realities. Their move to collaborate with the Yonsie University will see more young people getting involved with blockchain technology.
Blockchain is the future and it is become obvious by the day, there are many possibilities that can be achieved through the blockchain technology. Diving deep into the technology would certainly require immense funding and that is what foundations like Tezos are offering. This is good news for the cryptocurrency world, because more advancements in blockchain technology will only enhance the mining capacity for the digital coins. This will lead a proliferation and hence growth of the digital coin market.
You may not be excited as yet with what Tezos is doing but in the long run you will discover that the steps they are taking today will make a whole lot of difference in the world of cryptocurrencies tomorrow.

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