Young Millionaire Travelling the World From Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin has made a few millionaires and Mr. Smith (not his real name) is one of them. Mr. Smith who preferred to hide the identity of his real name is grateful to Bitcoin for making him swim in wealth.

With his money he has achieved his dream traveling the world, traveling luxuriously in first class and living in five star hotels for the past four years. He has visited top travel destinations such as Singapore, New York, Las Vegas, Moscow, Monaco, Hong Kong, and Zurich among many others.

Smith first heard about Bitcoin when he was doing his first job as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. The rise of Bitcoin from $0.008 to $0.08 in 2010/11 got his attention and made him do his speculation and research before finally investing in the currency. By October the same year, he decided to invest $3000 into the currency at a price of $0.15 per Bitcoin giving him around 20,000 bitcoins at that time. Somehow for him, he knew he would be in it long-term even though it was raising eyebrows everywhere including the Silicon Valley. As he had hoped, the currency performed pretty well.

Smith worked a couple of years concentrating more on his job and not much about the performance of the currency. Not until in 2013 when the currency faced a tremendous growth and was news everywhere. According to him the currency was growing surprisingly very fast as it would appreciate by 10% or more per day. “The rise in prices made me nervous, excited, confused and terrified at the same tome”, he remarked. When the price finally hit $350 per Bitcoin, Giving him profits of more than two thousand times he had paid for, he knew it is time to sell some of it off. Those made him sell 2000 of his initial stock after which the price rose to $800 days later making him sell an additional 2000 again. That’s how he became a millionaire making $2.3 million; it also gave him the opportunity to quit his job and travel the world.

To prove his wealth, he revealed his Bitcoin wallet balance which true to his word was 1000 an equivalent of $2.3 million proving Bitcoin has actually made some people millionaires. From his remaining 20,000 bitcoins he has made some sell offs due to the crazy price bubble going on. Of course he still has Bitcoins that he does not intend to sell in the near future as he believes the price will continue to rise. He says part of the reason he decided to do sell offs is because he has already achieved all he has ever wanted from Bitcoin and won’t feel remorse even if the price shoots to ten times higher in future.

Smith is a good example of a millennial millionaire, a millionaire from cryptocurrency, who would have thought of that a few years ago. It just shows how technology is changing the millionaire trends in the world in the current age.

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