Football Coin: Worlds first e-sports cryptocurrency platform

Not many know this, but this month was the most important video game or gaming event of the year. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) took place in Los Angeles and promised, like almost every year, to be the scene of many new video games and even new consoles.

However, many things about cryptography do not occur within this convention, except for announcements from graphic card manufacturers which might see a use within digital coin mining. What we can talk about is FootballCoin, the first cryptocoin for e-sports platforms, developed by Crowngem Limited, a company located in the British Virgin Islands.

One of the most important and innovative features of this private equity platform is that it combines advanced cryptocurrency technology with traditional sports, which becomes a universal gaming solution for users around the world. It is one of the most innovative ideas of its kind, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was launched on May 24 of this year.

What is FootballCoin?

FootballCoin lets you act as a real coach, predict the player’s fitness status, match results, skill development and reward managers for their results. Building your fantasy team, you will have to choose from the list of professional players available.

How does it work?

Based on the performance of the selected players, your team will accumulate or lose points. Positive events (such as scoring goals, contributing assists, maintaining a clean record) will add points to your team. In contrast, adverse events (such as receiving yellow/red cards, conceded goals, missed penalties) will make players lose points. Also, players’ positions are important as they have a direct impact on how they get points in the game. Build a team with skilled players, who will score high and make you win!

Rules to invest in FootballCoin

The ICO continued until June 24. FootballCoin has put 150,000,000 XFC coins on sale. The first participants were offered some discounts for high purchase volumes. Coins were offered at a price of 1200 Satoshis to players, investors, football fans, and members of the cryptocoin community.

Another unique feature provided by this coin is that it is already in operation and has a system of leagues, which according to Octavian Batca, the President of FootballCoin, is inspired by popular games such as Football Manager, which combines a new concept as a result. The platform gives its “players” a high level of anonymity and complete ownership of the digital goods within the “game”.

“The originality of the FootballCoin project lies in the fact that we take elements of popular games such as daily fantasy sports, Football Manager and collectable card games to combine them with a unique new concept and a new platform to show the world the high potential of Bitcoin blockchain technology and crypto-technologies” he said.

FootballCoin marks what could be the beginning of the union between the videogames and the cryptocoins. With their concept of videogame/cryptocoin fusion, it could be part of what would lead to the cryptocurrencies become more common within the modern culture. It is expected that FootballCoin becomes the most revolutionary project of 2017. To provide a realistic experience, FootballCoin is joining forces with some of the world’s leaders in sports information services and news such as Omnisport-Perform Group.

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