US Government to hold Federal Blockchain Forum Next Month

United States Capitol Rotunda. Senate and Representatives government home in Washington D.C.

The U.S government has organized an inter-agency blockchain forum that is set to take place on July 18th. The forum has been organized by the general service agency and the state department with the goal of increasing collaboration between agencies to achieve the goals and support shared services for blockchain technology.

The inter agency forum which is mainly targeting executives from the federal government has the goal of learning how the advances in Blockchain technology can be used by the various branches of Government, and discuss potential use cases from agencies then use that information to set an agenda for evaluation and implementation across the diverse missions of the state department.

The general service agency (GSA) came up with an emerging citizen technology program under which the US federal blockchain forum will operate under. This was made possible through a partnership of the secretary of state’s office of global partnerships and the GSA’s department of information technology.

Registration requirements

To be a successful participant of the forum, the following is required:
1. An agency team that wishes to participate should give a potential use case for blockchain technology in the mission of the company.
2. An agency should send at least two of their representatives to the forum

What is expected to happen at the forum?

  • Discussing, developing, and sharing potential ways in which blockchain technology can be used among Federal missions.
  • Identify the resource needed, policy and compliance needs for evaluation and implementation of blockchain technology in the federal government to be efficient and effective.
  • Develop a six months plan on how different agencies can collaborate to integrate blockchain technology into other federal systems in order for the federal government to easily achieve their goals.

In an effort to increase efficiency there are many IT  forums being held in a diverse range of domain areas. This is especially the case with blockchain and artificial intelligence related forums, two of the most promising breakthrough technologies in recent years. This forum provides a clear indication that the federal government is taking a keen interest in this field, for better or worse.

The growing interest in this field clearly demonstrates that blockchain technology is a powerful innovation that is likely to revolutionize not just finance but many varied sectors including government.  In the future, it is likely that many systems will integrate blockchain technology into their core systems for increased efficiency and transparency. Innovations that we have seen so far are just the early stages and it is likely that there will even be more powerful innovations that will come in the future.

Maybe blockchain technology will be the innovation we have all been waiting for to make Government more transparent, open, and efficient … we can hope.


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