Call for ICO Whitepapers

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Over the past six months the marketplace for ICO’s has increased dramatically and a number of exciting new ideas are being brought to market, one that we reviewed just yesterday. This is an area where our readership have increasingly asked us to cover in more detail so, in response, we will start releasing regular reviews on the more exciting ICO’s that are heading for subscription.

If you are involved with an ICO and would like your ICO reviewed in Digital Finance News please email with details of your offering and we will be happy to provide our readers with an overview and a reference where they can get more information.

Our goal is to provide an independent overview of the ICO’s currently being offered and where their benefit case lays. As a disclaimer – any ICO detailed on our site is not a recommendation to invest nor a statement of suitability for you to invest in the ICO.

Where possible it would be preferable to get an overview from the founder or founders of the coin rather than a 3rd part, we usually find that gives a better flavour for the benefit case provided by the coin or token.

We will also start to provide post launch follow up on some of these coins and see how they live up to their promise both in terms of technology rollout and, where appropriate, price performance in the market.

I’m afraid we are unable to cover any coins that have an underlying use case that is illegal such as drugs or anything similar.

Finally, I want to emphasise that this is a free review service. I am aware that other journals in the cryptocurrency space have started charging for these reviews, making them more an advertorial – our policy is that all news is reported without payment or inducement.


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