AliBaba and Amazon topping up on the list of merchants accepting bitcoin


Bitcoin has increasingly faced positive reception in many countries and this has made many merchants to consider adopting the currency. Being a giant cryptocurrency and being legally accepted by more countries such as Japan and Russia, Bitcoin is now taking up the merchant space.
Alibaba is next in line for accepting the currency. According to a survey that was done by Digital Currency Group, the Chinese market place will soon embrace the currency and hence Alibaba is obliged to accept the currency. What confirms that Alibaba will soon adopt the currency is the fact that there is a chance of the Japanese move to accept Bitcoin payments from the site.
Amazon on the other hand has been actively involved in the Blockchain space. Even though Amazon has not started accepting Bitcoin, there have been petitions on urging Amazon to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. There have been over 1500 petitions and chances are high that Amazon will not give a deaf ear to that. Some of the other major retailers that are currently accepting Bitcoin include:


This is one of the giant travel booking agencies and has been one of the first companies to embrace Bitcoin as a form of payment. Users had the option of paying for hotel bookings with Bitcoin from June 2014. The company made this possible by teaming up with Coinbase to cushion itself against risks involved with dealing with Bitcoin directly.


This was also one of the online retailers that started accepting Bitcoins; it has been doing this since January 2014. Just like Expedia, it partnered with Coinbase which mainly deals with Bitcoin exchanges. Buyers can basically buy anything and pay in form of Bitcoins.


Through eGifter, users can buy gift card and pay through Bitcoin and use the gift card to shop for items they not on sites that do not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. It’s kind of a bridge between Bitcoin enthusiasts and companies that do not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Good thing with the company is that it has a mobile app and hence you can purchase anything you want with Bitcoins from your phone.


With Shopify, merchants can set up their stores on the ecommerce platform and sell their products. Shopify started accepting Bitcoin payments from November 2013. Unlike many stores that use Coinbase, Shopify uses BitPay for processing payments.


There are many other merchants that accept Bitcoins; those are just but a few. There is a high chance that there will be even more companies that will accept the currency as it is getting more and more accepted and Bitcoin user base is growing very fast. The fact that many ecommerce giants are accepting the currency is a game changer for the currency. As much as there are many other upcoming crypto currencies, it’s going to take a while for one to completely replace Bitcoin.




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