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Today we are reviewing the AICoin ICO, this is the first in our series where we briefly review promising new ICO startups. If you know of any promising ICO’s or want your own ICO reported upon please send details to ico@DigitalFinanceNews.Com.

So what is AICoin? Reading through the whitepaper it appears to be a novel combination of a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence model combined with a longer term Investing Program.

The AI model is designed to automatically trade the cryptocurrency markets 24×7, monitoring a range of the leading cryptocurrencies and automatically executing trades as opportunities present themselves.

The longer term Investment Program, in contrast, uses the combined expertise of the AICoin token holders, supported by AI analysis and sifting, to make long term investments in seed companies involved in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

We reached out to the development team of AICoin to understand in a little more detail why they had gone for the split approach – it almost looks like each of these techniques would be a viable ICO in it’s own right.

“When we first started looking at the concept of AICoin” explained Gavin Smith, one of the founders of AICoin. “We saw that there was huge potential to profit from short term trading of inefficiencies in the cryptocurrency space. The models can literally be let lose into the virtual trading world and left to automatically trade and take advantage of these inefficiencies whenever they occur. Day or night the models have no need to sleep or take a break. They are simply efficient, self-learning trading organisms with the sole purpose of making money from trading.

The really exciting thing for us, however, was how we could use that advantage to leverage into something of much more benefit to the community. That’s when we introduced the concept of combining a stream of profits from the AI models with the “Wisdom of the Crowd” investment approach to invest in seed companies in our chosen fields, AI and Blockchain.

Having been through the startup mill ourselves we know that the investment world for startups is still dominated by old school type VC’s. These VCs like to think they are independent minded, looking for the next innovative idea; in reality many of them just follow the herd, chasing after the latest fad of the moment. Genuine Seed Investors are much more independently minded but suffer from another drawback. They lack capital to genuinely spread across a range of investments and they lack expertise in more than a few areas.

Imagine if you could have a coin that, instead of investing the coinholders capital into risky startups you traded that money with the AI trading engine and then used the profits from that trading every quarter to make investments in exciting new companies. Imagine that this will provide a steady stream of income flowing into the Investment Pool for continued investing in the Next Big Thing; and imagine that investing can be directed by the expertise of not one but thousands of individuals, each contributing their own expertise into the mix – that is the vison of AICoin, A genuinely unique combination of concepts that, together, are much more powerful than each part independently.”

It seems a pretty strong team backing the ICO and they benefit from the relationship with First Global Credit who seem to provide a framework for the risk control and coin management.

The AICoin ICO is currently in the pre-subscription phase where coins can be exchanged with up to a 20% bonus over the regular exchange price when the formal subscription period begins. Formal subscription starts on 17th July and continues until August 28th.

The ICO looks to be one of the more interesting propositions released recently and if you want further information you can find it at

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