PH Miners Launch New dedicated mining hardware

New York-based PH Miners Inc. has announced the launch of two powerful miners for leading cryptocurrencies bitcoin and litecoin, allowing users to easily process transactions and track the release of new digital coins.

Bitcoin has risen dramatically in value in recent times after being worth relatively little when it first emerged only a few short years ago. One bitcoin is currently worth in the region of 433 to the US dollar while for litecoin, the valuation as of now is a more modest $3 per greenback.

The cybercurrencies are increasingly being seen – among financial institutions, retailers and growing numbers of the public – as being viable alternatives to real-world money that is often prone to political, socio-economic and other shocks that can suddenly cause its value to come crashing down, a scenario repeatedly seen in countries around the world that are hit by crises.

PHminers is comprised of specialists with many years’ experience in bitcoin hardware as well as litecoin hardware and has developed the ultrafast Bitcoin Miner 25TH/s, which retails at $3,000 and comes with all the necessary equipment – from casing to control unit and cabling – so that it’s easy to set up.

The company’s Litecoin Miner 1000MH/s also costs $3,000 and can mine other cryptocurrencies too. Top-quality materials and components have been used in the manufacture of these digital-currency miners, and they are guaranteed to deliver long-life service, with the company – which only accepts payment in bitcoin – providing an extended warranty of 15 years to cover any kind of failure.

Both miners have been fully tested at multiple stages following manufacture to make sure they perform to the highest of standards, and free shipping is offered to anywhere in the world, via FedEx or UPS courier services.

PH Miners was established with the aim of providing high-tech solutions that would enable profitable mining of crytocurrencies, and has developed its own unique components that are not sourced from third parties. The company’s hardware, including the chips that run the miners, is manufactured at partner facilities in Asia, which gives PH Miners a significant cost advantage it is able to pass on to its customers.

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