Cannabis Security Company Accepts Bitcoin as Payment

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Security Grade Protective Services Inc have announced that, consistent with their goal of releasing regular innovative improvements to their service will now be accepting Bitcoin as payment from their clients.

“New cost effective solutions for these up and coming cannabis businesses is a must,” was CEO Derek Porter’s response when asked “why accept bitcoin?” The company just launched its newest program T.A.P. (Total Accountability Program) last month and is constantly trying to diversify itself from the competition. The T.A.P. program is a new eyes on video surveillance program that is tailored to the cannabis industry, however is showing major potential for other retail establishments, such as mini-malls. Now, as another elaborate way to make life easier for cannabis clientele, the company is offering their clients to pay through a verified bitcoin wallet to offset high costs of service fees from other merchant credit card processors.

Bitcoin is a becoming less and less taboo overall, especially as a business solution for companies that do not want to pay typical 3%-5% credit card processing fees. The bitcoin payment solution that Security Grade has opted into has only a 1% processing fee. CEO Derek also stated, “I do not expect for clients to line up to pay us with this form of payment right away, however a decentralized method of legitimate payment was a logical move on our part considering over half our clientele are cannabis operator licensees. This gives them another safer option to pay us in an already risky and cash heavy industry.

Digital Finance news would like to welcome Security Grade Protective Services Inc to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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