Person.Money Startup Attracts About $1.5 Million Investments

Person.Money introduced its product — Personcoin coins —Back in December 2015. Since then it has attracted about $1.5 million of investments. The main part, according to Company Founder, was obtained from Personcoin sales for Bitcoin.

The majority of investors are private individuals according to the company. The total amount of December investments, received right after official release, reached $655,000. In early January the startup has succeeded in raising another $800,000. These figures are provided by the company and have not been verified.

Profits made from selling of Personcoins will be directed to getting banking licenses and promoting Person.Money project in the USA, the Eurozone countries, Ukraine, China, Indonesia and the Russian Federation. The number of system users has now surpassed 10,000.

The Company Founder — a businessman from Latvia, Viktors Sinavskis — established Person.Money in November 2014. The Head Office, Marketing and Sales departments are located in Czech Republic. The team of project developers is based in Riga, the Customer Support department and a part of Sales are located in Riga and London.

Further information can be found at the company websites; and


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