Decentralization is Disrupting Vertical Industries

Research and markets has announced the addition of the“Blockchain – What You Need to Know “ report to their offering.

The report highlights that different blockchains have unique balances of centralization, incentives, and business strategies but all share a connected grand vision for disruptive innovation. – One of the powerful innovations of post-Bitcoin blockchain technologies is the smart contract, a piece of software that codifies legal procedures with decentralized, autonomous execution. – Blockchains enable services and business models that are not viable using existing digital infrastructure, the broad categories of which are: cryptocurrencies, smart contract platforms, asset allocation blockchains, and decentralized autonomous ledgers. – While financial services are the low-hanging fruit of blockchain disruption, smart contracts are expected to disrupt legal services, and the public sector will adopt blockchain tools for radical transparency.

The report’s scope encompasses Bitcoin based blockchain, Ripple, and Ethereum as well as a generalised discussion on Blochain possibilities.

Specific verticals considered in the report encompass Financial Services, the Legal Industry, and the Public Sector.

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