London Stock Exchange braces itself for listing of Coinsilium on AMI index

The Bitcoin firm Coinsilium is set to join an elite group of just a handful of companies later this summer. The Bitcoin start-up is on the brink of being listed on the AMI index on the London Stock Exchange.  The move would propel the London based firm into unprecedented waters, being the very first Bitcoin company to be accredited with flotation.  With the current emphasis as London as a financial hub for digital currencies, could we be about to see other firms and exchanges following suit?

According to their website Coinsilium are “A fintech company focusing on Blockchain technology, harnessing growth through investment, acceleration and development.  Based in the global financial-hub of London, we are driving innovation in fintech and Blockchain technologies by giving companies the means to bring their products and services to life.”

Coinsilium primarily invests in and advise companies about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.  From mining to Blockchain technologies the advisory capacity that the firm provides, has proved increasingly popular in the wake of the meteoric rise of the digital currency.  Now with the ambition to publically float the company, it is hoped that £3 million will be generated from the listing.

The fintech company, have now shifted their attention towards Blockchain and the potential advancements associated with the public ledger.  Given the well-documented advantages of the “virtual spreadsheet”, it is easy to see why.  Many high profile banks have backed the implementation of Blockchain technologies into the banking sector.  With faster clearing and settlements of trades being one of the many applicable advantages.  According to its CEO Eddy Travia, the firm hoped to capitalise on “the current interest” in Bitcoin.

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