A Game Changer!! Award winning online game Minecraft opts to integrate Bitcoin into its gameplay

Could we be looking at the start of a revolution in online gaming? Minecraft the award winning online gaming sensation, has opted to make Bitcoin a key part of its gaming currencies. Since its inaugural launch by Swedish programmer Markus Persson on 17th May 2009, the highly regarded game has gained admiration and gaming awards the world over. Praised for its’ unique first person free roaming capabilities and innovative 3D procedurally generated world.  Such is its meteoric rise to success, that in the year of 2011, Minecraft won five separate Awards at the Game Developers Conference, including, the coveted Best Debut Game Award and Best Downloadable Game Award. Highlighting the upward trajectory of the game, which today, stands as a worldwide sensation?

With Minecraft, the sky really is the limit; every conceivable part of the generated 3D landscape can be altered, enabling users, to build various constructions out of textured cubes.  From towering structures, to vast settlements, you are only ever limited, by your imagination.  Other aspects of the game include resource gathering, exploration, hunting and open combat.  Multiple gaming modes are available, including both a combat and survival mode.  As of today, the game has sold over 70 million copies over all platforms; a sizeable return for a game, with such humble beginnings.  So why introduce Bitcoin into the already thriving interactive world of Minecraft?

The answer is invariably simple, Mojang, the Listed Company for which Minecraft was published, sees, Bitcoin as the future.  I ask you this, as a side note, what better way to embrace the future than using real cryptocurrencies in a fictional gaming environment?  This is made even more evident, when you consider that the prime target market for most online games is amongst kids.  Minecraft has a large contingent of gaming fanatics, and what better way to drum up interest and understanding for digital currencies, than in their much loved 3D textured world.  The Bitcoin community evidently agrees, seeing this latest advancement, as an evident leap forward, as users will get a real feel for digital currencies in the real world.  So how will Bitcoin fit into the game?

PlayMC, a dedicated Minecraft server, has opted to use Bitcoin as its’ in-game currency.  The currency will be formally known as, “Bit” and represent, a Satoshi or 100,000,000th of a Bitcoin.  The currency its’ self, will be redeemable in the game, and used to purchase additional content, and in game classes.  The downloadable content market has proved to be increasingly lucrative, in recent years, with major gaming franchises, earning vast sums of additional revenue, through purchasable additional gameplay.  As of 2014, the UK Games Industry was said to be worth, in excess of 1.7 billion fiat pounds.

Minecraft has stated that its recent introduction of Bitcoin was specifically designed to aid children in key skills, such as money management, actively using cryptocurrencies.  One particular save and grace of the introduction, is the enabling of purchases, without credit cards, setting Minecraft leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.  This has two very evident advantages, the first being no additional costs through interest payments, but also adds piece of mind and security to Parents.

This leap forward has generated a wave of interest from several aspiring gamers.  PlayMC has reported an influx of requests for information on Bitcoin, from its’ workings to mining and transactions.  This increased interest, can only be a good thing, not only for all self-confessed Bitcoin enthusiasts, but also for the future of Gaming as a whole.  So what does the future of Gaming hold for Digital Currencies?  Put quite simply it’s an untapped source, from additional downloadable content, to the actual purchasing of games, I vehemently believe Bitcoin has a huge role to play, and one, that we have only just started to see, unfold before our eyes.

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