Call Levels Adds Bitcoin Prices to its Service

During its peak in 2013, bitcoin traded at more than $1200, but recent quotes at $250 meant a number of holders have 80% of their bitcoin portfolio wiped out. They resorted to monitoring bitcoin prices everyday, hoping to see some signs of recovery, only to remain disappointed. Frustrated with the situation, they wanted a better way to monitor the markets without having to do it themselves.

Before the addition of bitcoin prices, Call Levels was already providing real-time financial monitoring and notification service on the mobile cloud to users, covering more than 5000 assets including US equities, Forex and Futures. The simple and free app is available in Apple App Store, including Apple Watch and Google Play Store.

Call Levels started operating few months ago and users have created more than 20,000 Call Levels. About 90% of new users are found through referrals from existing users. “That’s because we take the time to listen to our users and develop a product they need and want to share with their peers. bitcoin is high on our users’ request list,” says Daniel Chia, co-founder of Call Levels.

“We’ve had numerous requests from people who are still holding on to the bitcoin they bought when price was higher and they don’t know what to do with it other than to wait. The moment they saw Call Levels’ offering for its existing users who typically trade stocks, forex or futures, they wanted the same for bitcoin,” shares Cynthia Siantar, co-founder of Call Levels.

Call Levels aims to provide reliable service and obtains quality data feeds direct from exchanges. Maintaining high bitcoin data quality is the key reason for choosing to work with itBit, a global bitcoin exchange and the first of its kind to be fully regulated by receiving a charter under New York banking laws. Bloomberg also started tracking bitcoin pricing data from itBit on its terminals that have more than 320,000 subscribers.

For Call Levels users interested in bitcoin prices, simply download or update the app from the Apple Store, select bitcoin and instantly access USD, SGD and EUR feeds from itBit. The new version will also be released on Android in about three weeks.

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