Bitcoin Stock Trading Experiment – 29th June Summary

29th June 2015 – Summary

As discussed here I am trying out a service provided by First Global Credit to trade stocks using my bitcoins as margin. I will be running a real-time experiment and will publish the results here. If you want more timely trade execution information I will tweet the fills when they are executed.

Trade Executions

Trade ID Buy/Sell Quantity Market Price Open/Close
21793 Buy 100 PDCO 48.9 OPEN
21798 Buy 25 SKX 112.94 OPEN
21802 Sell 50 LLY 83.95 CLOSE
21803 Sell 50 FRC 63.22 CLOSE


Market Position Avg Price Mkt Price Cur P/L Swept BTC Stop
TWC 25 178.54 176.48 USD (51.50) 0.0000 10.00
PDCO 100 48.9 48.11 USD (79.00) 0.0000 44.01
SKX 25 112.94 110.46 USD (62.00) 0.0000 101.98

BTC Account Balance: 99.5575
Unrealised USD Account Balance: ($192.50) [(0.75195) BTC]
Profit / Loss: (1.19445) BTC 🙁

Good Luck

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