Bitcoin Stock Trading Experiment – Restart Summary

26th June 2015 – Summary

As discussed here I am trying out a service provided by First Global Credit to trade stocks using my bitcoins as margin. I will be running a real-time experiment and will publish the results here. If you want more timely trade execution information I will tweet the fills when they are executed.

Trade Executions

Trade ID Buy/Sell Quantity Market Price Open/Close
21783 Buy 25 TWC 178.54 OPEN
21787 Sell 50 DGX 72.75 CLOSE


Market Position Avg Price Mkt Price Cur P/L Swept BTC Stop
LLY 50 83.35 85.9 USD 127.50 0.0000 75.02
FRC 50 63.58 64.31 USD 36.50 0.0000 57.22
TWC 25 178.54 179.16 USD 15.50 0.0000 160.69

BTC Account Balance: 99.7578
Unrealised USD Account Balance: $179.50 (0.7267 BTC)
Profit / Loss: +0.4845 BTC 🙂

Good Luck


  1. I’ve checked these guys out and they seem pretty good, definitely not a bucket shop (like 1broker that only makes money IF YOU LOSE MONEY!)because the fills are accurate. The trick will be when I want to make a withdraw

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