Bitcoin Stock Trading Experiment – 29th June Orders

29th June 2015

As discussed here I am trying out a service provided by First Global Credit to trade stocks using my bitcoins as margin. I will be running a real-time experiment and will publish the results here. If you want more timely trade execution information I will tweet the fills when they are executed.

Monday 29th June 2015

Orders: Opening Trades Executed as Stop Entry Orders. Closing Orders entered MOC (I usually do mine around 15 minutes to the close as there is no MOC facility).

Note:- Closing orders also have a trigger level. If the market looks like it will close above this level (for long positions) or below this level (for short positions) then the trade is not exited on the close and switches to a trending position and is held with a trailing stop.


Buy/Sell Quantity Code Entry Price Trade Type
Sell 50 LLY MOC Close Trade unless Close Above 87.24
Sell 50 FRC MOC Close Trade unless Close Above 64.63
Buy 25 ALNY 122.93 Open Trade
Buy 25 AYI 183.01 Open Trade
Buy 50 CAM 53.99 Open Trade
Buy 50 CRM 73.92 Open Trade
Buy 25 DATA 120.52 Open Trade
Buy 50 FEYE 50.82 Open Trade
Buy 50 FRGI 50.15 Open Trade
Buy 15 GS 214.62 Open Trade
Buy 50 HNT 65.21 Open Trade
Buy 25 INTU 103.99 Open Trade
Buy 100 PDCO 48.90 Open Trade
Buy 50 PFPT 65.45 Open Trade
Buy 100 PTC 41.99 Open Trade
Buy 25 SKX 112.99 Open Trade
Buy 50 SLAB 56.78 Open Trade
Buy 100 THOR 45.58 Open Trade

Important: These are not trade recommendations. You must seek independent advice to determine the suitability of any investment for your own specific circumstances.

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