AzPay Merchants Now Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin payment processor Snapcard Inc. announced its partnership today with São Paulo-based payment gateway AZPay, allowing hundreds of merchants worldwide to accept bitcoin payments and receive instant settlements in the digital currency. Merchants using AZPay’s payment gateway platform can now accept bitcoin with a simple click of a button.

“We’re the first payment gateway that’s focused on conversion. Allowing our merchants to have the best possible forms of payment is exactly what AZPay focuses on,” said Jeferson Salvetti, COO of AZPay. “Using the Snapcard API to integrate Bitcoin Payments was a no-brainer to us. The team is smart, their API documentation is a clean and easy to understand and the team made it extremely easy to get started. We’re happy to on-board new merchants to this exciting new technology.”

AZPay merchants now enjoy the benefits of bitcoin, including lower (0.5%) transaction costs, instant settlements, fraud protection, and zero chargebacks. They can receive instant payments for the sales in bitcoin, without worrying about currency interchange or bitcoin exchange. This allows merchants to open their doors to new customers while maintaining their choice of whether to start using the digital currency themselves. Additionally, AZPay merchants are able to offer their customers the fastest way to pay for goods and services online.

“The AZPay team is amazing and we’re extremely happy of their integration. They were able to get up and running within 24 hours,” said Michael Dunworth, CEO of Snapcard. “Our company’s focus is to offer the benefits of digital currencies to merchants and consumers, and AZPay has a amazing reputation with a large network of merchants within Brazil. We’re very excited that AZPay merchants will start accepting bitcoin, and bitcoin users everywhere will have more places to spend their digital currency.”

The partnership signifies a major step in the mainstream adoption of bitcoin, which is quickly gaining acceptance globally. Over 150,000 merchants are expected to accept bitcoin by the end of 2015, according to

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