Answering the questions @DigFinNews that nobody has yet dare ask ;-)

The team @DigFinNews thought it would be fun to answer the questions that we respectfully hope some people in the digital currency and technology space may be asking themselves about what the magazine is doing.

And whilst the team are all very happy to answer any questions from anybody who inhabits those worlds or even another, we thought everyone may be feeling a little bashful, so rather than wait until you meet the team at a Digital Currency or Tech Event, we wanted to give some real insight into Digital Finance News, what we stand for, what our goals are and what the team collectively are actively working on now and into the future.

So the first thing, that some may have observed from some of our articles and tweets, is that we do not take the easy route, we even pro-actively avoid it and are out and proud of that fact!

Following in that vein, the team agreed that we would present to you, what we imagine one of our respected journalistic colleagues would ask of us who inhabits the space, if given this opportunity.

So here goes, I listened to the team’s safety briefing for Editor, am hoping that we are not going to be landing on water, and there is absolutely no requirement for me to even take out the inflatable jacket to try for size but knowing them, as well as I do, I am expecting serious turbulence on this flight with even a plane roll and multi-coloured jet engine smoke just for the sheer hell of it!  See how I do 🙂

Hi Clare, thank you for taking the time for telling our readers a little more about @DigFinNews.

Pleasure, very pleased to be here.

So, I have read Digital Finance Articles and have been following you on Twitter and if you don’t mind me saying, the Magazine is, shall we say, a little different in style (cough) to the others currently in the Digital Currency and related Technology journalistic space?

Fantastic, the team and I are thrilled that you and, we hope others, appreciate that Digital Finance News is offering an alternative to the other very respected on-line Digital Currency & Technical Magazines.

I think that everyone in this journalistic space is working tirelessly to ensure that breaking digital currency and tech news is being brought immediately into the public domain for all to read, reflect on and enjoy.

I and the DigFinNews team are really proud, respectful and thankful of the other magazines efforts, BUT from the outset of the conception of the idea for Digital Finance News, we knew we wanted to offer something slightly different and completely unique.  To sum it up, we offer the full the 3D Digital Currency & related Tech Magazine experience.

We want DFN to come out through the screens and touch people with a core commitment to continually change and evolve, so that 3D experience continues to be felt, even after experience it for the first time, so it remains fresh and no-one is not quite sure what to expect on their next visit or tweet although they are guaranteed it will arrive with @DigFinNews so it is exciting and a little unpredictable.

Well, if you don’t mind me saying (cough), as this is the word that you used, “unique” and that certainly covers it from an observers prospective.  Why have you chosen to be eeer unique?

Amazing, I LOVE IT, if you and you think others, really think that we will be viewed as unique, that is my first Editor objective ticked off the list (NOTE TO SELF:  Remember to tell Angel Investor 🙂 to obtain Gold Star).

Our conceptual idea was that we wanted to actively support digital currency and the blockchain and everything connected to become a reality for EVERYONE across the globe to benefit from and enjoy.

From the outset, we wanted to support the efforts of everyone’s’ activities in the digital currency space and literally impact the speed of their journey so that the eco-system from their germinated seeds, could through mutual nurture, thrive and become the lush rainforest that the digital currency space so deserves to be!

So, we strive to actively add value to their efforts through our organic fertilization.  And we do NOT need to supply the Sun as the Sun always shines on Digital Currency World.

Aaaah, I am glad you mention that, you actively tweet about, “the Sun always shines in Digital Currency World”, so that is not just DFN being fluffy?

LOL! [Team now literally off chairs and rolling on floor at Editor’s face]  HELL NO! Respectfully, the Sun shone as soon as Satoshi Nakamoto (中本哲史, Nakamoto Satoshi) completed his/her/their work, for now, shall we just say, “he” for ease, but I also wish to believe that during that initial coding creativity period, the radiance of what was being created was blinding.  I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto (中本哲史, Nakamoto Satoshi) is/was a Genius and that his work honorably deserves to be honored, respected and utilized for all to enjoy in the future.

So you think Satoshi Nakamoto (中本哲史, Nakamoto Satoshi is/was a Genius?

Absolutely, I think that his legacy is truly amazing for humanity and I think it is everyone’s personal responsibility within the space to fulfil the full potential of that legacy but I believe that it is a collective and collaborative responsibility.

Your recent article about Satoshi Nakamoto (中本哲史, Nakamoto Satoshi spoke on your thoughts on Satoshi and his legacy.  Would you care to expand on perhaps the issues of the Blockchain size that is currently out there and being debated?

[Drinks on plane spilling due to turbulence, ouch, that’s going to hurt.  Where is Sean when I need him, oh yes, smiling and giggling at Editor enjoying her pain way too much!].

Truthfully, I have been really honest and expressed the breadth (albeit limited) technical ability, God was not benevolent in that particular area but do I get it?  Yes, I get it, do I feel strong enough to debate the pro/s and con/s, hell no, but as I said in the article, I believe that those with the responsibility for making such a decision, will/should reflectively take on board what Satoshi Nakamoto would have done in the best interest of bitcoin and the blockchain [visible sigh of relief from Editor, new drink arriving, Sean giving nodding his head and giving me respectful look, I love that man, quickly moving on ………]

Aaaah yes, “God”, you have made references to God, prayers and the fact that your Mother is a regular Church goer in your Articles?  Are you religious?

[Hell, the team is playing really dirty, they now want to bring in my religious beliefs in, they will be asking next about my bra size.  That surely is not an acceptable journalist question? Or have I missed something about digital currency world 😉 ?]

He, He, He, Ok, yes, I believe in “God” and yes my family are Christians and as I have mentioned in one of my articles, my Mother is active in her local CofE Church and just for info, my Father is Catholic.

But I believe that whatever your religious beliefs or heartfelt conviction, it is about demonstrating that belief every minute, every day by your humanitarian actions of care, selflessness, compassion and respect.


As an observation Clare, you appear not to be scared to cover or go to areas of contention, where perhaps others would proactively avoid at all cost?  Perhaps, let me give you some examples, you tweeted actively on the recent #blockchainsummit and covered the Ross Ulbricht conviction perhaps we could use those as examples?

HELL NO, I will never “avoid” ANYTHING just because it would be easier or safer to do so.  I dare you to find me one member of the digital currency and related technology space who does not believe fervently about the right of free speech.

As such, I think DFN’s responsibility is to cover EVERYTHING fearlessly and with conviction honoring that right!

DFN tweeted about #blockchainsummit because of what DFN’s stands for, which as I mentioned earlier, is the creation of rainforest eco-system of bitcoin and the blockchain.  Nobody who is active in the digital currency space could have failed to have been aware of the cross-sectional concerns about the #blockchainsummit and what it perhaps really was about.

But DFN’s actions of supporting the organic fertilization of the eco-system is just that, it is for everyone and until DFN was informed by evidence differently, we were hell bent in doing all that we could to offer our support, even if that was remotely.

A glimpse of the invitee list reflected the diversity of ideas that were likely to be exchanged, so we were very optimistically excited by the Event and what it could potentially achieve for the eco-system and DFN’s dream of the rainforest.

Did I have any concerns?  Well, it is not over to the fat lady sings and in my and the team’s opinion, she sang a very beautiful Japanese song honoring Satoshi!  And that works in my and the teams’ book!

And until such time as there is evidence, that it was any more than that, I honestly believe, that it was just that.  I and I think everyone in the space should be thankful to everyone who participated in the #BlockChainSummit and for what they will collectively bring forward from that event into the future.  And for me, as no one can have failed to notice, I LOVE THE LIGHTBULB! (Digital Finance News Article and the composed island tune from one of the delegates.

But perhaps one of my respectful ideas for the #BlockChainSummit for the future, which I hope is being planned for next year, for the benefit of the rainforest, is that perhaps all the attendees consider a little idea of the DFN team 😉.

Our idea is that a Golden Ticket, just like Willy Wonka’s, is created which anyone with bitcoins can purchase, by a fixed small donation, say a £1 or $1 so that the lucky individual may attend the 2016 or next #BlockChainSummit for the year that it is diarized for.

The tickets go up for immediate purchase with the proceeds of those Golden Ticket purchases going to the #FreeRoss campaign.  Another great legacy from #BlockChainSummit and what a collective effort of support from the whole bitcoin community to actively support Ross & his family with their Appeal.  With the immediate sale occurring, any generated funds could immediately be fed into Ross’ Appeal Fund.  As collective action, speaks louder than words and what a demonstrated unity of the bitcoin community for Ross to maintain and gain strength from.

Do you think you could make this happen?

Hell yes, have you not seen the Digital Currency Community they are amazing and they are collectively into action not just words!  DFN’s problem is getting the conceptual idea approved and implemented.  But I believe that all those who were involved in the #blockchainsummit are open to ALL ideas and heartfelt belief they would collectively give their own time in full consideration of the idea’s potential for implantation.

That is what DFN loves about the Digital Currency space, if there is a creative idea it is fully considered as there is no ceiling as to what can be achieved in Digital Currency World!

I tried vehemently to write the Ross Ulbricht article respectfully to all. The article took many, many hours and after it’s’ completion, I continued to ponder on it before posting.


As I wanted to be inclusive of the facts that were known together with inclusion of how corruption appears within our society and how, in some of those circumstances, prosecution does not occur, or in other occurrences far lighter sentences are passed down.

On a personal level I was impacted by my own life experience of a family member who had/has an addiction.  I was impacted by the massive severity of the sentence.  I was impacted by the extracts of Ross’ letter when I physically felt his remorse and his personal regret, not only for himself, but for his family for I am a Mum.  I was impacted by how other corruption can pass unnoticed and how other corrupt human beings have faced far less harsh sentencing.  On all levels this was injustice but it unfolded literally before my eyes.

So picking up on that point, you think that Ross’ sentence is unjust?

I personally think that Ross Ulbricht sentence is unjust in the severity of time that Ross is required to serve and where that sentence may potentially be served.  Yes.  I think that to sentence Ross Ulbricht to life is unjust but I believe in the power of action and in people who believe this wholeheartedly also, and the sheer reverberation of those voices and many more are joining.

I also have faith in Ross’ legal team to ensure that justice is done with sense prevailing to correctly adjust the sentence time through an Appeal.

I also believe in Ross’ legal team successfully bringing into the courtroom disclosure of all the facts relating to Ross’ case and that comprehensive justice for all the criminality that appears to have taken place in relation to Silk Road will be dealt with, as I believe, the reverberation of the voices cannot fail to make it a reality.

And this is where we leave the interview for this week.  The interview was completed on the same day.  The team absolutely loved my pain and the fact that I literally took one for them.   And I can confirm that they made the plane roll, I was covered in food and drink and as their finale we had a rainbow jet stream but no life jacket requirement ;-).

For me, it was such great fun for all at DFN to enjoy.  The Team passionately hopes that you enjoy this Article too and that over the coming Happy Friday segments you get to see and feel the 3D effect from Digital Finance News and the magnificent people who I am very proud to say are the DFN Team and who collectively make it happen!  Well done guys, great job!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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