Bayside Corp Announces Launch of Vault 52 for Institutions

Bayside Corp. today announced through its subsidiary company Bitcoinz USA, the launch of Vault 52, an offline storage system for institutional Bitcoin consumers.

The launch of Vault 52 follows on from the success of Vault 51. The company’s sales growth has been spurred on by its sales expansion of Bitcoin and Vault 51 into over thirty-five countries thus far in 2015 versus one country just a year ago. “Vault 52 streamlines the demand for company’s sale, service and secure storage of Bitcoin for institutional consumers.”-JW Walker President Bitcoinz USA

Vault 51 and 52 is operated by Bayside Corp’s subsidiary company Bitcoinz USA. Vault 51 is an offline storage system for retail Bitcoin users which is represented by a copper Physical Bitcoin and Vault 52 is an offline secure storage for institutional Bitcoin users which is represented by a silver Physical Bitcoin.

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