Trust – such a small Word but it touches each of us!

Trust is such a small word but look at the definition, “faith, belief, hope, conviction, confidence, expectation, reliance and dependence” and this small word underpins a major part on which humanity exists.  When each of us “trusts” it tucks into our belief system and we believe wholeheartedly in that which we trust.

So, I was very interested to learn through his interview with CNBC’s, Bob Pasino on “Power Lunch”, that Jeffrey Sprecher, International Exchange (ICE) CEO and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Chairman has come out in support of bitcoin and the blockchain, voicing his personal belief that the technologies are part of a larger change in how TRUST is being established in society.  And remembering my earlier reference, his small word “trust” speaks to us all in a voluminous way as it rightly says so much.

Sprecher suggested that the NYSE, had been looking into bitcoin and the blockchain for “over a year”, but noted that the exchange had found the language of the industry difficult to navigate.

Well, Jeff (if I may call you that), I am with you with that one, I remain steadfast on my linguistic journey of becoming bi-lingual in both fiat and digital currency but I persevere, quest like, through any adversity that may hit me en route so that I can one day be multi-lingual.

Well my first, somewhat naive thought after reading Jeff’s comments was, hell fire, get one of our linguistic translation genius over to the NYSE to give those guys some support with their natural linguistic challenges that they are facing with our digital currency World and help them overcome any “lost in translation” issues, that they may be facing, so that they may become bi-lingual in both fiat and crypto, so that together, we may successfully take digital currency forward to the next level.

Sprecher went on, to say that his interest had persisted due to the fact that millennials are becoming comfortable using the technology in the same way that they are becoming comfortable with other platforms, such as the riding using app “Uber” – where the crowd, rather than central authority, informs decision making.

As for Uber, I only discovered this little transportation gem on a recent trip to New York and I am a complete convert!  I was very lucky to stay at the Waldorf Astoria (pressie for a big birthday, not telling which, a clever girlie never discloses her age) and hey, my Uber car swept up, picked me up and drove off, whilst other guests were left standing while the wonderful door staff did all they could to hail yellow cabs, sometimes putting themselves and attached whistles in danger of being run over in order to get their yellow taxi prey!

Sprecher told CNBC:-

We’re seeing millennials trust a currency that is created in the ether, more than they trust fiat currency by government.  I think that trend, whether it’s a restaurant review or a taxi cab or the way that you exchange value, is something that they believe in and we want to be on top of it because I think that it is going to impact you and I.

I think that there is something to it”, he said alluding to Bitcoin and the BlockChain.  “I think there is something here, that is why we invested in it”.

And Jeff, my final and ultimate agreement with you, “I think that there is something to it” too, I think that something is definitely here and that is BITCOIN & BLOCKCHAIN.

And thank you so much Jeff for a great interview with CNBC, for taking an open view on how others perceive and view the World and the trust which goes hand in hand with that view, together with your investment, which speak volumes of the Solomon-like man that you are, well done, congratulations and a very big thank you from me.

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