BitFury’s light bulb moment!

Wow, nobody within the community can have failed to have seen and read about the revelation that BitFury made last week, with regard to its’ prototype light bulb, which has the capability of mining bitcoin, with the Company’s impressive target of bringing the prototype to market in 2015.

My initial thoughts conceptually, I love it, love it, love it, love it!!  Now much of the market strategy remains in the embryonic stages.  However, what I also loved about BitFury’s commendable creation was their plans to pro-actively involve the bitcoin community in their development and roll-out plans for their light bulb.  That BitFury would seek out ideas thoughts on how the product should be successfully marketed to a much wider mainstream audience as part of a collaborative release.

Now that is the part that I also really loved, “collaborative release”, how cool is that.  A definition of collaboration is, “teamwork, partnership, association, alliance, relationship, co-operation, group effort” and I cannot think of a more positive situation of the community coming together to positively influence this product coming to market.

And, let us be truthful on BitFury’s part, damn smart, the opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge, understanding and passion that is outside of its’ own company boundaries would be like tapping into their very own oil gusher of technological creativity and genius.

Well done to BitFury and all who participate; as this is an amazing opportunity to take bitcoin into the mainstream of understanding, generating acceptance and resulting in utilisation!  And I so hope that BitFury offers both a selective invitation and open invitation to all, as benefits a “collaborative release” and from what has been said to date, this very much does appear to be the case.

What I also loved from BitFury’s CEO when speaking at the BlockChainSummit, Valerie Valilov suggested “that the goal of the project was to galvanise in bitcoin as a technology, and that making money was secondary to promoting the discovery” and that is a very positive trend for which BitFury should be congratulated upon.

Valilov said, “We believe that the project’s focus should not be on making money from bitcoin mining, but on creating innovative solutions with the main purpose to use this product for educational and fun”.

Valilov said, “that a working prototype of the light bulb was created in early 2015” and that the light bulb which was demonstrated at the gathering was the third generation prototype.  She went on, “………. and envision that this is an educational product that will help lower the friction towards understanding the technology and making it super easy for kids and adults of all ages to touch the bitcoin blockchain eco-system”.

Now, I loved that too, “super easy” for the mainstream to actually touch and integrate with the eco-system or as I would say, understand, accept and utilise!

BitFury said that only a “couple of dozen” have been completed so far as part of the pilot and tech specs are slated for release later this year.

The Company envisions a four-step rollout programme that would find it collecting launch ideas, opening up the project to developers based on received proposals, finding a way to support teams working on the project and choosing the “very best prototypes” to market to a wider audience.

In line with the spirit of experimentation, BitFury said that it was considering all manner of options for the technology’s release from open-sourcing the hardware to creating a software development kit that would aim to inspire “social applications” of the technology.

To support its’ eco-system, BitFury suggested that the light bulb would come with an attached wallet for transacting with friends.

Now, I love that too, bringing digital currency and the blockchain to everyone regardless of their technological understanding or abilities, children, teenagers, adults and the more mature alike.

So, as you have probably guessed, I am really enthusiastic to see how BitFury’s light bulb technology develops collaboratively, how they bring it to market for mainstream understanding, acceptance and utilisation and this will be on my Christmas List for 2015, p.s. please Santa could you bring me the pink neon one, oh and if the elves have time, please can I have it customised with some sparkles which would be just amazing, thank you so much x.

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