Bitcoin Stock Trading Experiment – Day 5 Orders

5th June 2015

As discussed here I am trying out a service provided by First Global Credit to trade stocks using my bitcoins as margin. I will be running a real-time experiment and will publish the results here. If you want more timely trade execution information I will tweet the fills when they are executed.

Day 5 (Friday 5th June 2015) 

Orders: Only 2 of the following to be executed on stop entry (Please read strategy description here)

Buy/Sell Quantity Code Entry Price Long Name
Buy 26 EMR 60.03 Emerson Electric
Buy 6 EQIX 266.50 Equinix
Buy 36 FSL 43.78 Freescale Semiconductor
Buy 35 KLXI 44.71 KLX Inc
Buy 23 MOH 67.74 Molina Healthcare
Buy 14 SJM 116.57 J.M.Smucker Co
Buy 6 TSLA 249.31 Tesla
Buy 9 TWC 177.72 Time Warner Cable

Important: These are not trade recommendations. You must seek independent advice to determine the suitability of any investment for your own specific circumstances.

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