The Universe agrees, Encryption is easier than Decryption!!!

I love the Universe, I believe that everything I do goes out to the Universe and comes back to me.  I also sincerely know my limitations, so I would describe myself as technology hungry with a glittery sprinkling of techno savvy and that, succinctly, is the limitation of the technological gifts that were bestowed on me when I entered this physical plane.

However, I am in total awe and admiration for those of you out there, on whom the full technological spectrum of genius was bestowed!

You are truly the beautiful amongst us, and who take humanity through our natural human technological evolution and to whom I and others are, and continue to be truly grateful. We all owe you a heartfelt thank you!!!

Please continue in your forthright stride, with your passion and unrestricted thinking because there is no limitation on what you can achieve for all of humanity to enjoy in our technological future.

I have been spiritually moved by the investigation, and charges that have resulted from the Silk Road investigation and the subsequent sentencing of Ross Ulbricht.

I have deeply considered all the elements that were presented and while I don’t condone the drug dealing and illegal activity, I also cannot shrug off or lose grip of my fundamental ideology that I hold for humanity in the future, which is the freedom of an individual’s privacy and free speech, which can be executed and enjoyed freely on the Web or in public without criminal or governmental abuse.

As a conundrum, I continually come back to how this can be achieved for all, even the less technically savvy amongst us. Whether we are talking about Tor, and it’s ability to provide a level of anonymity and privacy, or bitcoin and its’ open but private transactions.  How do we make these technologies available and usable by regular non-technical users?

For those that are the more technically gifted amongst us, perhaps this is your challenge; to invest your efforts to ensure privacy, freedom of speech, anonymity and democracy through encryption for everyone.

Let us remember, that many have given their lives willingly in the past, in our current day and very sadly, are likely to in the future, for the protection of our freedom from both foreign and domestic oppression; these freedoms should not just be discarded because some Government dictates it should be so (as the UK Government is currently attempting to do by forcing all technology companies to include a backdoor into encrypted data).

Now, I appreciate this is currently an ideological perspective, not really the mainstream purpose of this journal, but I personally believe there is a real danger of the general populace sleepwalking into a world where nothing is private; where the Government has access to everything we write, everything we do, everything we say.

Unless the technically savvy genius’ in this community strive to make the technology accessible and usable for all, we could easily wake up one day and find the only mistake George Orwell made was in the date!

I appreciate the phenomenal challenge which I lay before you, but please consider; if you are one of those bestowed with the gift of pure technological genius, as you make your technological strides forward, please, strive to make your breakthrough usable by the neophyte, as well as the crypto community; this is your challenge to take all of us into the technological future.

God speed and the Universe thanks you!

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