Bitcoin Stock Trading Experiment – Day 3

3rd June 2015

As discussed here I am trying out a service provided by First Global Credit to trade stocks using my bitcoins as margin. I will be running a real-time experiment and will publish the results here. If you want more timely trade execution information I will tweet the fills when they are executed.

Day 3 (Wednesday 3rd June 2015)

Previous Days Trades

Code Buy/Sell Quantity Entry Price Market Price BTC PnL (After Costs)
AYI Buy 9 178.12 178.51 +00.02
SCTY Buy 26 61.35 60.61 -00.09
THRM Buy 32 52.26 51.96 -00.04
MIC Buy 20 85.14 85.58 +0.02

Account Balance: 23.84 BTC
Profit / Loss: -0.12 BTC

Orders: Only 2 of the following to be executed on stop entry (Please read strategy description here)

Code Buy/Sell Quantity Entry Price Company Full Name
CLVS Buy 18 86.91 Clovis Oncology
CRM Buy 22 73.36
CSC Buy 23 68.50 Computer Sciences Corp
DTV Buy 18 91.28 DirecTV
EMR Buy 27 60.78 Emerson Electric
LO Buy 22 72.16 Lorillard
QRVO Buy 18 80.97 Qorvo Inc

Important: These are not trade recommendations. You must seek independent advice to determine the suitability of any investment for your own specific circumstances.

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