Outsetnet Announces Bitcoin Data Feed

Outsetnet, LLC announces a Bitcoin data feed which they claim is the first ever multi-platform quote aggregator for crypto currency markets.

Bitcoin Data Feed provides traders a dedicated FIX-based protocol, for superior STP connectivity to the biggest crypto currency exchanges. It also features an advanced interface that can manage a consolidated feed for all market activity, in one standardized protocol. The application is designed for ultra-low latency, an obvious benefit that allows traders to react faster than the competition and increase trade profitability.

Bitcoin Data Feed innovates a combined order book view of the global crypto currency exchanges, with the capability to respond to any quote electronically, using a uniform FIX API. This standardized exchange protocol bypasses the time consuming, confusing and cluttered web of disparate crypto currency APIs and offers a fast, convenient and powerful single point of entry for all crypto currency markets.

“Quality data services and connectivity solutions have been virtually non-existent for crypto currency traders until now,” says Outsetnet, LLC Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer Michael Gabinsky. “We are excited about the opportunities in the rapidly growing crypto currency space, and proud that Bitcoin Data Feed meets traders’ demand for industry-leading software solutions that allow them to more efficiently and effectively manage operations.”

Outsetnet are a specialised consultancy service focussed on the financial industry.

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