New Board Members for BitVest Digital Mining

Today BitVest Digital Mining announced that Charles Evans PhD and Angelina Pluzhnyk are joining their board.

“This is an enormously gratifying time to be part of the Bitcoin eco-system,” said BitVest CEO Devin Hahn. “Today’s announcement enhances our ability to achieve an even stronger leadership position in the Bitcoin community.”

“As we move forward with our expansion,” he added, “it’s a huge benefit to have advice and counsel from a board comprised of such esteemed industry and academic leaders. Charles and Angelina have their fingers on the pulse of Bitcoin and where it is going. Their work with the non-profit organization Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation, which helps to educate people in emerging markets as to how Bitcoin can have a positive effect on their everyday lives, is a testament to their devotion to the global Bitcoin community. I’m excited to welcome them aboard and look forward to a very fulfilling year.”

Charles will become a member of the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee, while Angelina will chair the Audit Committee. Both will work closely with our existing board of directors to ensure that BitVest carefully navigates the new IRS guidelines concerning Bitcoin as they continue to evolve.


Charles W. Evans is  an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at Barry University in Miami, FL (USA), whose research focuses on Bitcoin; Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation, which promotes Bitcoin among the unbanked worldwide, particularly in small-scale cross-border trade; and a twenty-year Virtual Currency veteran, who has been active in the field since the 1990s Moneypunk movement. Dr. Evans shares BitVest’s vision that miners maintain the foundation and infrastructure of the Bitcoin ecosystem that is being embraced by major banks, NYSE, NASDAQ, and many other established financial powerhouses.

Angelina Pluzhnyk has been an accountant for more than a decade in the USA and Europe, and teaches Accounting and Economics. She is a Bitcoin investor, supporter, and the driving force behind Bitcoin accounting services.

Originally from Yalta, Ukraine, Angelina has lived in Ukraine, Russia, the USA, and the Bahamas. She is fluent in Russian and English.


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