Anthem Vault Raises $3.2m

Anthem Vault, Inc, a provider of retail gold and silver bullion and vaulting services, today announced that it has raised a combined $3.2 million — both a Founders’ Seed Round of $1.6 million and matching Series A Financing of $1.6 million for the launch of HayekGold, a global open digital gold payment platform powered by the Bitcoin block chain.

HayekGold is a gold-backed digital currency with unparalleled stability and intrinsic value; each is backed by one gram of vaulted and insured gold bullion.

“Bitcoin was a trailblazer in the arena of global digital currency and HayekGold builds on that foundation,” said Founder & CEO Anthem Hayek Blanchard. “Gold combined with a stable cryptocurrency forms a perfect union — a free, instant, secure and reliable payment system for goods and services anywhere in the world simply, swiftly and safely.”

As a cryptographic receipt, it is simple to store hayeks (‘a hayek’ equals a gram of gold) in a digital wallet and spend them instantly in the global marketplace.

“Currency has outperformed gold as a means of exchange because of convenience,” Blanchard added. “But HayekGold eliminates that advantage, allowing individuals worldwide to fundamentally rethink how they use money and protect their assets.”

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