Xapo Announces Creation of Advisory Board

Xapo today announced the formation of their advisory board with three significant finance industry figures joining the team.

Dee Hock is the founder of Visa and was instrumental in creating the payments systems we have today. Dee Hock stated “Bitcoin represents not only the future of payments but also the future of governance” he continued to comment that “Like the Internet, Bitcoin is not owned or controlled by any one entity, so it presents incredible opportunities for new levels of efficiency and transparency in financial transactions.”

Also joining the board is John Reed, formerly the Chairman and CEO of Citibank John was responsible for growing Citibank into the world’s first truly global financial franchise. Mr Reed stated that “Financial services have remained largely untouched by the digital revolution. Bitcoin represents a real opportunity for changing that.” he continued to say that “The mere fact that there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins and that each bitcoin can be divided into 100 million units makes it a significant improvement on any historical form of currency.”

The final new member to the board is Lawrence H.Summers. Mr Summers was the Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton and continues to be one of the leading economic and policy thinkers of our time. “Bitcoin offers, for the first time, a method for transferring value and making payments from anywhere to anywhere, in real-time, without an intermediary. This could mean we soon see many billions of people sending bitcoin everyday as easily as they currently send a text message.”

This follows hard on the heels of Xapo’s recent announcement of the move of their HQ to Switzerland from the US.


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