Oh where, oh where to spend my bitcoins (“sparkles”) close to home in the UK?

Now, as an on-going commitment to my spreading the word for digital currency of, “Understanding, Acceptance and Utilisation” and to put my digital currency where my mouth is, I am now pressing forward valiantly and making as many purchases as I am able and whenever possible using my digital currency.

So, like many of you, I have turned to the internet to seek out not only the mainstream merchants but also those smaller more independent merchants who are pushing digital currency, crusade like, into the mainstream! Go crusaders, GO!

Well, I am really very pleasantly surprised, things are looking good for some members of my family via potential fairly minor internet purchases but things look a little dryer from my local independent merchants and suppliers. So I am going to push forward on spreading the digital currency word and offer any independent merchant or supplier support for their launch via @DigFinNews!

So if you are an independent merchant or supplier in the UK (or anywhere in the World come to that), let us know about your launch into accepting digital currency and we will cover your story here @DigFinNews!

Get in touch and together let’s spread the love and utilisation for digital currency 😉

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