WGOH – Where are you?

Like lots of you out there, “balancing the books” at home falls to me, now my WGOH (Wonderful, Gorgeous, Other Half) would say perhaps that ultimately, “balancing the books” falls to him, as I merely point out whether the books are in a positive or negative cash flow state! And before you ask WGOH, after scurrying to look at our on-line household account for fear of what I am about to say, yes, the eyelash extensions are necessary, yes, Number Two Son did need those additional tee-shirts as well as the replacement for his ripped jeans, yes, Alfie (our beautiful cavachon four legged Son) did need replacement doggie jewellery and yes, my human BFF did need cheering up with those flowers! 🙂 And it may be, just maybe, getting near to the time where we positively influence the household account with some of the paper variety! 🙁

Now, this is where I tell you, that my WGOH is an international businessman of mystery whose job can take him away for weeks, sometimes months at a time, across the many continents and time zones of the World and therefore we can play an extraordinary game of catch-up with telephone calls, texting, e-mails and Skype which can appear to take place at the most ludicrous of times. On occasion, I have spoken to him during my day, only to find that due to some crisis somewhere in the World, at night he pops up on another continent and related time-zone without me even realising! 😉

Now as a family, we are all quite use to this unique way of living and some of the light hearted benefits are, that as a family we all smell gorgeous thanks to the many wonderful duty free shops that WGOH passes through! We have an obscene number of hotel toiletries for which I am truly grateful. We have all learned to be pretty damn independent when our Alpha is away doing his thing. Alfie plays his part dealing with any marauding scoundrels that may pass by. I have learned where the cock-stop is and to fix the electricity board when the lights go out and even where to put the oil and squeezy into the car and the kids have learned, well ………….. to be kids! BUT and this is a very BIG BUT, we all need WGOH when our domestic cash flow needs just a little, hardly noticeable TLC, as he is required as a counter signatory to our family multi-sig wallet (number one account)! 🙂 (see article, “Bitcoins are a girl’s BFF” on Digital Currency News for full explanation)

So wherever you are in the World today WGOH, your paws may be required for a little cash flow enhancement and of course, we would all like to say, “thank you, we love you, take care and see you soon!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂.

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