Understanding, Acceptance and Utilisation!

For me, these surely have to be the goals that each community member should take out with them into the World to share with others. I think it can be very easy to sometimes get caught up within our own digital currency family and its’ day to day natural routine of harmony, disharmony and relationship growth to forget those who are outside of the eco-system and understand the affect this evolution may have on their perception of the ever growing digital currency World.

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately, as to how I and others , can positively influence understanding, acceptance and utilisation of digital currency to people who it is yet to touch and truthfully it is about spreading the word to enable understanding, with understanding comes acceptance of the concept and with acceptance comes utilisation.

We all have a personal responsibility to take this positively forward to everyone and spread the first word, starting with Understanding! And let’s be truthful that is something we could enjoy a little more of in our lives and share with others 🙂.

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