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Welcome to Digital Finance News, an online magazine focussed on the new word of Finance ushered in by Bitcoin and the Digital Currency world. I wanted to say just a few words about our goals and aspirations for this magazine.

First and foremost, we aim to bring you the latest news, views, innovations and market rumour in the world of digital currency. While the subject is serious and we will touch upon some important subjects, we also think it is essential to temper this with a light touch. We want to cover not just the same old news about how people are making Bitcoin but also, how they are enjoying it, investing it or even spending it!

Have you purchased a fun or slightly unusual item using Bitcoin? Have you spent it in an innovative way or have you just had an amazing time with it! If you have or you have some future goals, please let us know and we will add your story to our Digital Finance Lifestyle section.

Our Company News section will detail not just new announcements from finance companies in the Bitcoin space but also some thought provoking ideas and concerns from thought leaders in the ecosystem. We have lined up some pretty exciting interviews over the next few weeks which we are looking forward to sharing with you and which we hope you will enjoy.

The Trading News section will detail developments and rumours that may impact the traders in our midst and we would be doing everyone a disservice if we did not cover new developments in altcoin and alternative digital currencies in general, so for our Bitcoin family members, please be kind, as this allows us to independently report without bias about our digital currency world.

Finally, and most importantly, we want your feedback and ideas. While we won’t always promise to be deadpan and serious 😉, we do promise to cover our subject matter in depth, dispassionately and with accuracy. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you all and a very warm and heartfelt welcome to the home of Digital Currency passion.


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