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Panxora DeFi Fund
Panxora DeFi Fund

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Trading Commentary

  • The Big picture $cfx analysis general outlook.Monthly Chart!

    If you ever wonder where we are in terms of potential, take a good look at this monthly chart and understand where we […]

  • Hook - Ascending triangle pattern

    The token hook is a new asset and after breaking the historic top, it formed an ascending triangle, we are more likely […]

  • btcusd to $19k ?

    i can see btcusd dropping down to my $19k zone and once it gets there we will see some new bullish momentum for the btc […]

  • Ethererum

    These are levels that I'll be keeping an eye on when dealing with ETHUSD, and I'll revise as price action progresses. […]

  • Mana liquidity levels

    .76 cents has been significant since June and and we are again below it so in the past month we have build up .71 .72 […]

  • Long

    Wait for price to hit orange line and buy this pair next take profits will be at 161 fib level red line on the top How […]