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Panxora DeFi Fund
Panxora DeFi Fund

Trading Commentary

  • ETH METEO Update

    hello investors and Trader following a rigorous analysis I expect this […]

  • SAND could start a new impulse wave (5)

    $SAND - If this is a corrective wave (4) #sandusdt is close to an important support level ($5.08 - $4.67) - If this […]

  • scusdt

    👑 @F̲X̲o̲n̲e̲4̲a̲l̲l̲ 👑 VIP 🚀🚀 🟢 #SC - USDT 🔚BINANCE 💰 Buy now : 0.017 🔸TARGET 🎯 […]


    By drawing a downward channel and drawing support and resistance lines and using the RSA indicator and divergence in […]

  • BTC/USDT- Bears in Charge?

    BTC/USDT in bearish trend, short sell attempt can be done near to 52,500 or at current price.

  • SOL 15m

    Solana can be correction to $190... high risk, be careful...

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